Owned and operated by Hanshi Richard Borrell since 1977, here at Borrell Karate Academy we teach a system of Karate known as Isshin Ryu (meaning: one heart method or style).  The Isshin Ryu system was developed by Master Tatsuo Shimabuku after he had mastered the styles of Shorin Ryu and Goju Ryu.  Isshin Ryu is most recognizable by its use of a vertical fist punch as opposed to the traditional “cork screw” punch.

Sensis_borrellIf you choose to train at Borrell Karate Academy our knowledgeable group of instructors will work hard to teach you the Isshin Ryu system which prepares you and your entire body to be an effective weapon against every type of assault.  Training here will teach you the control, balance, flexibility, self-confidence, technique, and discipline that will help you excel in the martial arts as well as in other sports. The Isshin Ryu Karate System will give you the tools to defend yourself should you ever be in a situation where there is no other alternative.